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Brand identity & packaging

I've always been mesmerized by the world of Korean Skincare, a love affair that began back in 2014. It wasn't just the products themselves, but their packaging and design that really caught my eye and, honestly, led me down the rabbit hole of graphic design.

Enter Stylestial Cosmetics, my own little nod to the Korean skincare marvels. It's all about minimalist vibes, clean lines, and those irresistibly soft pastel tones that make you go, 'Ah, so soothing!' Plus, let's not forget about the creative packaging that practically begs for a spot on your vanity. Stylestial isn't just skincare; it's a piece of art for your face.


Stylestial is reminiscent of my favorite Korean skincare brands, Etude House, 3CE, and Peripera. Minimalist, clean, soft, pastel designs with creative packaging and engaging designs.

Target Audience

My target audience is young, adult women who care about their health and appearance. These are women who like holistic products, taking care of the environment, and like to stay on top of trends. Stylestial is a luxury brand that is high quality and exclusive, with product launch events and collaborations with celebrities.


I took my inspiration from other luxury brands and advertising meant to attract younger women. I included packaging that had clean lines and bright colors. I also wanted to evoke some horoscope themed designs that spoke to the celestial and ethereal nature of the brand.

Stylestial Logo Moodboard
Stylestial Packaging Mockup


In my first drafts I played heavily with abstract imagery. I did not know how clear I wanted the S in the logo to be. The twin moon’s is minimal but evocative and gives me a lot of other abstract designs to extrapolate on.

Logo Sketches
Stylestial Logo First Draft

Round one drafts

From there, I played with different style’s of branding mock ups.  My first drafts of the skincare line felt too old and busy, I knew going forward I would have to approach the designs from another angle.

Stylstial Brand Identity
Store Front
Stylestial Packaging First Draft

final design

I chose to minimize the designs to a flat pastel color and created horoscope graphics in the same style as the logo. The three main colors I chose for the brand convey a sense of fun and youth, while the darker color for the eyeshadow palette is more luxurious. Stylestial is a brand that can do both.

Stylestial Logotype
Packaging Lineup
Finishing Powder Packaging
Lipgloss packaging
Eyeliner packaging and applicator
Eyeshadow Pallete


Packaging is my passion, and Stylestial was a project I ruminated on for a long time. My minimalist design is effective and clean. It features assets that are wildly applicable to a variety of products and is recognizable on the shelves. To expand on this project, I would mockup makeup brushes, a pocket mirror, and a shelf display.

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