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Skull Punch

Illustration & Packaging

The challenge of this project was to create a beer label featuring illustration and a clear target audience. I have long admired the strange and detailed illustrations on indie beer labels, and wanted to create my own. My goal was to create two energetic labels with colors that pop out from the aisle. My labels are two types of beer made by a fictional brewing company, Witchmothers Brew.

Skull Punch Moodboard

Target Audience

My target audience was young adults of drinking age that want an indie beer, but don’t necessarily like the strong hopp flavor of most IPAs. They are punk rockers who like to party hard on something full of flavor.

I took my inspiration from other indie beer labels and depictions of skeletons and skulls not in a horror setting. I wanted something alternative but friendly, and clearly hand drawn. I did not want it to be perfectly symmetrical or too simple. 


I knew this project would showcase skulls, so I sketched many different layouts of skulls. My vision for it was a little grungy and a little gross. But not so gross that it turned people off. My goal with typography was to be clear and a little timeless, and distinct from the business of the labe.

Skull Punch Sketch 2
Skull Punch Sketch 4
Skull Punch Sketch 6
Skull Punch Sketch 1
Skull Punch Sketch 3
Skull Punch Sketch 5
Skull Punch Draft 1
Skull Punch Draft 2

Round one Drafts

Moving forward I settled on one design and played with my color palette. Each design needed a dominant color and different shades to add more dimension to the design. To create a sense of party the label is filled with little empty space in the design, except for important information and label name.

Skull Punch Draft 3


The fluid shapes and bright color contrast,  inspired me to add more and more detail to the fruits, peels, and worms. For  their company name I wanted something visually similar to the beer label, and a logo in the same style as the illustrations. My design is engaging and simple at first glance, with more and more about it revealing itself the longer you look at it.

Skull Punch Sour Lager
Skull Punch Sour Lager Bottles
Skull Punch Amber Ale
Skull Punch Amber Ale Bottle
Skull Punch Bottle Cap
Witchmothers Logo in Orange
Witchmothers Logo in Green
Skull Punch Logotype


This project was an opportunity to create stylized illustrations and push myself to play with more contrasting colors. I really loved rendering the worms and orange peels, and am really proud of my use of the space. If I wanted to expand on this project further I would make a six pack carrier, posters, and a canned version of the design.

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