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WOW Design Live

Event collateral & Advertising

My capstone project in Design Communication 2 was all about bringing WOW Design Live to life. It's not just any conference; it's the creative hotspot for designers. Packed with dynamic workshops and inspiring speaker seminars, it's where ideas meet execution. My task? Crafting advertising and printed handouts that scream creativity and innovation. Imagine a space where every detail, from the visuals to the text, is a nod to the brilliance of design. That's what WOW Design Live is about. It's more than a conference; it's a celebration of design in all its forms.

target audience

WOW Design live is a conference for forward thinking, active graphic designers. In brainstorming the brand identity for the campaign, I tapped into the designs that were trending at the time. The most popular was the old school 80’s design. Memphis was a re-imagining of the 80’s design trends. That style’s broad exposure was used to create a brand that would catch the attention of other graphic designers.


Using various shapes and hierarchies in my sketches, I designed bold and colorful posters with dynamic movement through the piece. ‘WOW’ is such an eye catching word and is featured as the focal point of most of the sketches.

WOW Poster Sketch 1
WOW Poster Sketch 3
WOW Poster Sketch 2
WOW Poster Sketch 4

First Round Drafts

Once I decided on a poster design, creating the rest of the collateral would come next. First, I established the hierarchy of the information and how the poster would read. Next added color and background elements to the design.

WOW Poster First Draft
WOW Poster First Draft


The marbled texture color palette is echoed through out the logotype and design. My branding system is cohesive and clear, with each design reading as part of a whole. The clipping masks of the marbled texture give the handout and map a special distinct marker. The shapes and colors of the Memphis design easily fades into the background and doesnt distract the viewer from the content of the pages.

WOW Design Live Logotype
WOW Design Live Poster
Poster Mockup
Poster Mockup
WOW Design Live Banner Mockup
WOW Design Live Banner
Booklet Cover
Booklet Page 1
Booklet Page 2
Booklet Back
Handout Front
Handout Back


This project was a challenging opportunity to design info graphics and layout large amounts of copy. I believe I  was able to keep all the materials, posters, and layouts  legible and interesting. If I were to revisit this project, there would be various items of branded merchandise that could be bought at the conference.

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